Timmy the Money Badger is trying to escape the Glassmines which are full of mines of course.  Figure out how not to step on the mine!


Action Button = Space
Directional Buttons = WASD and Arrow Keys

In the start-up state, use left and right to change the time and use up and down to change the difficulty.
When you are ready, press the "Action Button" to start the game.
When the game is running, you move with the directional buttons.

Each square gives a clue about the surrounding bombs. The given number on the square indicates how many bombs are on the square and non-diagonally around the square.

This game was made for a university course.

Kevin Anderson - Art

Ruta Sapoka - Background Art

David Naussed - Programming 

Thank you very much for playing our game!

Development log


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high score: 42