A small duck getting separated from his parents by the leading monarchs of the country: The crocodiles. It is about to get de-feathered and eaten by the mad crocodiles. What can this little young duckling do to escape the fangs of those reptiles and their obedient followers?


You, as the duckling, must escape the crocodile manor. The game involves hiding from enemies and making your way through each area by going out through a door or down a staircase. 

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Ruta Sapokaite - Pixel Art / Programming  

Kevin Andersson - Art Direction  

Vidar Grönros - Level Design / Implementation  

Marina Arknell - Gameplay Programming / Game  Design 

Daria Dragana Paunchici - Project Management / Level Design  

David Naussed – Lead Programmer

Music by: Pixel Beats

Thank you very much for playing our game!


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Awesome game!! I loved every second of it!!

Thanks a lot mate!! 


Quick restart button to start over without having to refresh would be fantastic.


Let me guess!
When you speedrun the game and you made a small mistake, you wanna restart right away, right?

Sounds like a fantastic idea! 
Thanks for playing! :) 


Your guess is correct, fun game to challenge the timer :)


duck not big brain enough, not hiding inside the barrel armor


We added it! 
The duckling can finally hide in his barrel